Franchise / License


LOVE A LOAF is seeking enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about tasty, innovative bakery products options and who live and breathe a ‘Love Life’ attitude!

As a License Partner at LOVE A LOAF, you will be supported by a team of experienced professionals and proven systems and processes to help you realise your business goals. Take the steps to join one of most lovable bakery brand.

Why Us?

At LOVE A LOAF, we are committed to providing a unique retail experience that is fun, exciting and reliable for each and every customer. This focus, coupled with a wide variety of delicious tasting products, proven systems and innovative marketing campaigns is the foundation of our market penetration..

Since opening in 2014, LOVE A LOAF has become one of the most lovable bakery brand.


1Sustainable Industry

Coffee, bread, cakes, and pastries are popular and an all-time favourite among all group of people, especially youths and kids. The great demand and high profit margin makes bakery an ideal franchise business venture today.

2Proven Business Model

Our team delivers support at each critical level from site selection, lease negotiations, store design and construction, training, marketing and operations support.

3High Quality of Product

Offering more than hundred of freshly-baked good in our store, we are constantly working on develop new product ideas and insist on good product quality, to keep up ourcompetitive edge.


4Modern Concept

The exquisite and elegant style décor of LOVE A LOAF is inherited from inspiration from all around the world, which makes us unique, offering our guests a cosy space to indulge in their own time and appreciate the finer things in life.

5Use Of Technology

We understand how powerful data is in running the business and we’ve taken multiple approaches implementing digital initiatives in our business operation.


Do you want to be part of the LOVE A LOAF family? We provide you with basic information about the management of LOVE A LOAF and advise you on the steps to take to join the LOVE A LOAF license/business network.
You can apply for a license/business by filling in the application form.
Site-finding is a barometer of a successful business! You can consult over finding the right site with the team from LOVE A LOAF & investigate the floating population/commercial conditions/approaches/general population/appropriateness of the site, etc.
Field stores are the face of the LOVE A LOAF brand! Owners of LOVE A LOAF store should have enthusiasm for the business as well as a high level of ‘service mindedness’.
When approved, the applicant shall prepare for an opening with the support of H/Q.
Owners will carry forward the lease contract of the store.
A licensing agreement will be concluded between H/Q and the store owner. Subsequent contracts for design/work/interior will be concluded.
LOVE A LOAF carries out education for store owners, concerning management/use of information systems/confectionery/bakery/sanitation/operation & etc.
Store owners proceed with permission and licensing procedures. Store owners finish the construction and interior work. LOVE A LOAF provides support for store owners in setting up and implementing the plan.
Finally, the store owner is ready to open the store! LOVE A LOAF will support the store owner with the opening and with promotional events.