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Same-Day Delivery!

【Looking for a #Insta ?????? of cake? and ????? #Good? inside?? ??

A 5⃣⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Cake solution to #Surprises your friend & families!

Yes… I know you’ve been tired of looking ?‍♀️ for a cake that is suitable to your liking. Based on the experience of 9⃣8⃣% of people, Those that normally taste good but look too traditional and plain,yet those that look good usually doesn’t taste good at all!?‍♀️?.

As a bakery with ?-????? experience and sold up to ???,??? celebration cake! ??’?? ??????? ?? ???? ??? ?????? ???? ???? ????!

❤️We understand well you like tasty cake but not overly sweet.?

❤️We understand well you like a fresh but instant solution.?

❤️We understand how you hate congested traffic.?

❤️We understand you like a simple design but Insta-Worthy.?

Why Not #TryUs , ???? ? ???? while you can have them all! ?.I know you don’t have many ideas about why we are different.

Let us share a bit here ??.

?????? ????????? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ????? ?????

While most of the bakeries are using pre-mix flour in making cake. We still preserve the #OLD but #GOLDEN method, Separated Eggs Method [古早] that help the cake rises well and crisp the cake to make it even tastier! ??.

?????? ??????? ??????????? ???? ?

We know food costs increasing every year! Fret not, we are not cutting anything good but only remove the bad! We are using Grade ??? New Zealand Butter, whipping cream and cream cheese that made up the largest portion when making the cake.

?????-??? ???????? ???? ???? ?? ??????? ???? ?????

Why risk yourself during this Pandemic period?We offer #FREE delivery within Penang Island, BM and Butterworth.And only ?? ??????? lead time needed when you order for Island’s delivery!

Dear…?, a study pointed out that the happiness level when receiving a cake is even higher than RM200 received in money!

During this period, a celebration is even more #Important than ever!.Celebrate that we are still healthy and #appreciate every moment with your friend and families.

Show them your #love now, okay? ❤️—————————————-

Order here ?

Order here ?

Order here ?

Catalog available on webstore*Of course, if you are looking for ?????? ???????? ?? ?????? for your #celebration, or you have other inquiries.

?? ?? ??? ???? ????! ?


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