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Dreamy Milky Hokkaido Roll!

【 ???????? ??? ????? ???? – Dreamy milky #MADNESS ! –】 ???.

After much anticipation, it’s hereeeeeeeeee today peeps! The Hokkaido Raw cream roll has surfaces and drops at all stores today! Are you ready? ??

Our ???????? ??? ????? ???? cake is a beautiful take of the soft Japanese roll cake. Rolled with #supersoft sponge cake and ???? ? ???? signature delicious raw cream. It’s perfect to spoil your taste buds. ?.

By using AA Quality of Ingredients, with a special combination of wheat flour, milk ? and USA mascarpone cheese ? culminated in this heavenly dessert. ?.The ????????? raw cream is made with a mixture of yogurt and milk is luxuriously creamy and smooth as silk.

Just one bite ? of the dessert will tantalize your taste buds with smooth and delicious creamy goodness!

Awwwwwww ?…Melts like snow, the rich milky taste will bring instant joy, and the aesthetically modest sweetness.

【???????? ??? ????? ????】 3 Flavors:

1⃣? Original Milk Roll RM7.50

2⃣? Strawberry Pink Lady RM7.50

3⃣? Matcha Azuki Bean RM7. 50.The recipe of this masterpiece from our Patissier took three months to perfect.

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